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Welcome to Silver Group Purchasing

Purchasing power that delivers peace of mind.

We've changed our name: LTC Group Purchasing is now known as Silver Group Purchasing.

We've redesigned our brand to a more modern, warm yet sophisticated look that captures the expertise we deliver in all our contracts.

But some things haven't changed. We still stand for the best in providing comprehensive senior care products and services. That's because we focus exclusively on senior care, a complex industry that demands a company's full attention.

In addition, our experience and expertise has been honed through the successful management of more than 80 Extendicare homes across Canada where we try and test all of the components of every one of our value-added contracts.

Our staff made up of experts from throughout the industry, our cost management capabilities that manage costs not quality, and our industry expertise, ensure your Silver Group contracts deliver purchasing power and peace of mind.

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Sep 23, 2015
Silver Group Purchasing, SCA Personal Care and Cardinal Partnership
Full Facility Solution
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